Friday, April the 5th, 2019


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Sara Galac: Cushing’s syndrome through time
Supported by ESVE Outreach grant


Sabina S. Pipan: Cat’s itching – from symptom to diagnosis

Coffee Break

Moderator: Sara Suhadolc

Christopher Sturgess (Royal Canin): FIC

Christopher Sturgess (Royal Canin): Urolithiasis in cats

Moderator: Ožbalt Podpečan

Bart Pardon: Concepts and tools to rationalize antimicrobial use for calf diseases

Bart Pardon: Infectious bronchopneumonia 2020: O2 for diagnostics and personalized advice

Moderator: Matjaž Ocepek

Nicola Decarro: Hobi-like pestivirus

Brigita Slavec: Occurrence of highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses subtype H5 in Sloveniain 2017

Mihajlo Erdeljan: Comparative analysis of methods for the diagnosis of influenza in horses

Olga Zorman Rojs: First occurrence of infectious laryngotracheitis in poultry flocks in Slovenia

Moderator: Urška Jamnikar Ciglenečki, Breda Jakovac Strajn

Milorad Radaković: Does Vets’ Work Benefit Wider Society?

Mila Eeckhout: Insects as novel protein source for food and feed

Zlatka Bajc: Tetrodotoxin – a new risk in marine biotoxins in shellfish also in Europe

Janja Babič: Presence of Alternaria toxins in wheat and triticale


Moderator: Darja Pavlin

Christopher Sturgess (Royal Canin): Urinary tract infections in dogs and cats

Sara Galac: Novel forms of canine Cushing`s syndrome
Supported by ESVE Outreach grant

Moderator: Breda Hrovatin

Urška Kos: Legislation comparison in some MS regarding abandoned animals: the welfare consequences fort he welfare of dogs and cats

Marko Potočnik: Comparison of different national information systems for monitoring and reporting on the occurrence of animal diseases

Marko Cotman: Determination of fish species in commercial fish products in Slovenia using DNA barcoding

Marko Oman: Microchipping and registration of cats

Tanja Knific: Business performance analysis of Slovenian veterinary companies

Vojteh Cestnik: Animals, diseases and veterinary service in the 1st World War

Moderator: Mitja Gombač

Ivana Tlak Gajger: Implementing of veterinary profession in beekeeping

Vlasta Jenčič: Use of hop acids for organic varroa control

Rosvita Sitar: The first outbreak of viral encephalopathy and retinopathy in farmed sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) in Slovenia

Metka Pislak Ocepek: Comparison of the incidence of several pathogens in honeybees and bumblebees in Slovenia

Moderator: Marina Štukelj, Gorazd Vengušt

Klaus Depner: Quo vadis African Swine Fever?

Paulius Bušauskas: To be announced

Jan Plut: Preliminary results of an attempt of peroral infection and gilt acclimatization to Porcine Reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus with exposure to contaminated cotton ropes

Ivan Toplak: African swine fever continues to spread in the eastern part of Europe: An overview of the most important ways of virus distribution

Coffee Break

John Prescott: No magic bullets. Will One Health save us? The challenges and politics of antimicrobial stewardship

Assembly of Veterinary Chamber of Slovenia
Gala Dinner

Saturday, April the 6th, 2019


Moderator: Darja Pavlin

Federico Fracassi: Treatment of diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats
Supported by ESVE Outreach grant

Federico Fracassi: Monitoring diabetes In dogs and cats
Supported by ESVE Outreach grant

Moderator: Alenka Dovč

Joško Račnik: To be announced

Maja Čonč: Development of antibody-mediated immunity after vaccination of a ferret (Mustela putorius furo) with anti-canine distemper vaccine registered for dogs

Valentina Kubale Dvojmoč: Differences and special histological structures of skin in different reptiles’ groups

Nina Mlakar Hrženjak: Computed tomography in the diagnosis of facial abscessess in rabbits

Moderator: Matjaž Ocepek

Brian Markey: Veterinary microbiology for the clinician

Bojan Papić: Investigation of listeriosis outbreaks in animals using whole-genome sequencing

Matic Pavlica: Insulation of indigenous probiotic from oral microbiota healthy dogs

Jana Avberšek: Is the small animal clinic a possible source of infection with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius (MRSP) for dogs?

Moderator: Mitja Gombač

Carlo Cantile: Approach to diagnostic neuropatholog

Tanja Švara: Rarely diagnosed fungal and parasitic diseases of dogs and cattle in Slovenia

Jana Brankovič: Chondrodysplasia of a horse (aborted foal): a case report in Slovenia

Špela Vidrih: Outbreak of Salmonellosis in domestic pigs

Coffee Break

Moderator: Darja Pavlin

Miguel Campos: Making the diagnosis of thyroid disease in dogs and cats
Supported by ESVE Outreach grant

Miguel Campos: Feline hyperthyroidism: treatment options and follow-up
Supported by ESVE Outreach grant

Moderator: Urška Kos

Rebecca Garcia Piniloss: One Welfare

Jože Starič: Welfare Assessment of dairy cows in bigger Slovenian farms using Welfare Quality Assessment Protocol and hair cortisol concentration

Katja Skulj: The effect of different handling methods on the reduction of anxiety in laboratory mice

Olga Zorman Rojs: Welfare and Health in Slovene laying hens

Manja Zupan: Keel Bone Damage and its impact on welfare of laying hens

Moderator: Milka Vrecl Fazarinc, Gregor Majdič

Andre Ganswindt: The power of poo – Non-invasive endocrine monitoring of reproduction and stress in wild animals

Tomaž Snoj: Determination of the hormonal status in animals using measurements of hormones’ concentration in hair

Blanka Premrov Bajuk: Allergenicity potential of mealworm proteins in dogs

Maša Rutar: Comparison of human and porcine herpesvirus endcoded GPCR BILF1 receptors internalization properties

Alenka Seliškar: Translational research in pigs

Moderator: Modest Vengušt

John Prescott: Outpacing the resistance tsunami: Antimicrobial stewardship in equine medicine

Petra Kramarič: Okužba z virusom EHV – 5 pri konju

Irena Zdovc: Contagious equine metritis require permanent attention

Maja Zakošek Pipan: Contagious equine metritis (CEM) – decolonization of stallions and treatment of mares


Moderator: Sara Suhadolc

Relja Beck (Bayer): Canine tick-borne diseases – How to protect your dog when travelling?

Sonja Prpar Mihevc: Canine cognitive dysfunction – what is happening in the dog brain

Ana Rejec: Accelerated chemoradiotherapy protocols for the treatment of oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma in 9 cats

Aleksandra Slapšak: Impact of parturition type on stress indicators in newborn puppies and their survival

Moderator: Ožbalt Podpečan

Dominika Peskar: Effect of mucolytic drug, prostoglandin E and stress on viscosity of cervicalmucus and transient of F/T spermatozoa through the cervix in ewes

Janko Mrkun: The evaluation of the reproductive parameters from AI data based on quarters for years 2010, 2016 and 2017 of cattle in Slovenia

Maja Zakošek Pipan: Microelements in seminal and blood plasma of bulls as predicting factors for sperm quality after freezing

Ivan Toplak: Determination of respiratory pathogens in cattle: new molecular methods allow rapid and reliable diagnosis of pneumonia

Jože Starič: Infectious causes of diarrhea in calves and the influence of treatment on the secretion of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts

Ivan Toplak: Twenty years of molecular epidemiology studies of bovine viral diarrhea virus in Slovenia

Moderator: Urška Kuhar

Peter Hostnik: The final fase of the eradication of rabies within the European Union

Joško Račnik: West Nile Virus Detection in Free-Living Carrion Crow (Corvus cornix) in Slovenia

Gorazd Vengušt: Detection of Schmallenberg virus infection in wild ruminants in Slovenia

Creative Path to Knowledge

Coffee Break

Rosie Allister: Mental health and wellbeing in the veterinary profession


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